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Our passion

We started Tradewize because we are passionate about investing. Also, we think it doesn’t need to be such a mystery – a few basic concepts and a bit of common sense and anyone can do it. So we wondered if we could bring people together, in a place where they could see for themselves what top investors were doing, with real investments, in real markets. In real time.

We had other requirements. We wanted it to be fun, and easy to use. And social too. But most of all, helpful. And it needed to level the playing field, to give ordinary investors a true picture of what markets were really doing.

So here it is. Tradewize.

A place where you can find extraordinary investing. From ordinary people. In anything.


And, by the way, the team behind Tradewize has 100 years of collective investing behind it. Including a few mistakes. So hopefully, we’ve learned a thing or two!